Rehearsal Dinner in Capri at Da Paulino Ristorante

In all the weddings I've photographed I don't think I've ever been quite so surprised in the events taking place! My bride Nathalie wanted me to be present in the excitement and surprises of the day just like her guests were. We took a ferry to Capri, and then a dingy to a giant Sail boat where we enjoyed the views of the island. Back on Capri, we three Charlie Chaplin like characters popped out of nowhere and serenaded the guests (and random tourists!) with playful music. We started to make our way to Da Paulino, and a second line/parade formed with the band and the guests, it truly was joyful and absolute magic, a goose bump worthy thrill and so fun to photograph.  

Have you ever met a celebrity that you didn't know? I have a couple of times, but not knowing them made it so much easier to not be starstruck. It's kind of the same with Da Paulino. I had no idea that this lemon grove restaurant was world famous. I think it took about 5 minutes for me to pull my jaw off the floor when we arrived... And maybe you'll see why with the photos below! 

Thank you Nathalie & Ben for having me part of your magical wedding festivities! Check out their welcome dinner right here