Destination Wedding at Villa Treville in Positano, Italy

It's probably a given that one of the most rewarding parts of my job is to preserve moments and memories, but what I love more than anything are the stories and the people behind those stories. Nathalie & Ben are such a special couple, bon vivants who spend their time between NYC and Italy. I didn't know Nathalie and Ben before they hired me to photograph their wedding celebration, but getting to know them, their friends and their family during that time was a highlight. Nathalie and I have a lot in common especially where experiences and family are paramount—every detail from the entire weekend was purposeful and meaningful. I've always been an inquisitive person and its reflective in the way I photograph people. I love to be a fly on the wall and observe and wait for those fleeting moments, but the stories and conversations I get to be part of stay with me forever. For instance, I really loved getting to know Nathalie's grandmother Emmy. And that curiosity, and our bond, led me to visit her in Belgium when I was there this past Summer. So if this is the year that I figure out what I want in my career (more on that soon, I promise!) then what I want is more of this: to photograph more amazing weddings, meet more amazing families, and continue to be grateful for all these incredible life experiences. 


Last week I shared Nathalie & Ben's welcome dinner and rehearsal dinner in Capri, and today I'm thrilled to share their wedding at Villa Treville in Positano. The day started with a beautiful ladies brunch in Villa Treville's lush green house...


A ceremony with views of Positano felt like we were part of a movie scene, but their elaborate first dance was one for the books. Villa Treville was once the private home of famed Italian director Franco Zeffirelli whose most acclaimed movie was Romeo & Juliet. So to honor him and that movie, Nathalie & Ben hired professional ballet dancers to recreate their love story to the music of Romeo & Juliet.