Sally Holmes | The Climbing Rose | Christina McNeill Photography

I like flowers, like a lot, and it is funny to think that I used to hate them! Sally Holmes taught me how to see the personality of a flower despite my near life-long hatred of them. I'm forever grateful to the floral designers I've worked with!

When I was sixteen, I went on one of my first dates. This “boy” brought me a dozen long stem red roses, and I just about vomited in my mouth. It felt cliche and unoriginal—and the idea of “romance” at the age of sixteen made me run for the hills. My very Martha Stewart-like (she's gonna hate me for saying that!) stepmom was so kind to dry the flowers (that I had tossed!). She put them in a little potpourri bag along with that boys’ so-called love letter.

I kept it for a while for formalities. I thought her gesture was thoughtful. But let’s be honest here, it lived under the sink with all the cleaning supplies. Fast forward fourteen years and I still have this idea that the gesture of giving flowers on a first date, or “valentine’s day” is a bit unoriginal (my husband lucked out there!). Was I so wrong about the beauty of flowers.

They all have their own little personalities and I’m so lucky that all my floral designer friends have taught me so much along the way. I truly was never a fan of roses until I met Sally Holmes and David Austin...

A couple years back I teamed up with Snippet & Ink, Loop Flowers and Adelphi Events to create a story about the beauty of using one flower. I think we nailed it. What do you think? Will you incorporate Sally Holmes on your wedding day? Thank you to La Tavola Linen, Gerhard Ceramics, Standard Party Rental, and Richard Photo Lab for sponsoring this post!