Portfolio Review 2017

All my life I've felt like an outlier and I have quietly suppressed that. Mostly because the fear of judgment always got the best of me, and doing things the hard way is taxing. I can recall significant times in my life (3rd grade, highschool, college, adult life) where I was embarrassed to share my thoughts or projects. Listen, I'm not sitting here saying I've never been myself, because I certainly have, but I'm myself more prevalent in ways that make me feel comfortable (with people that love me for example). But it's about time I get through the things that make me feel uncomfortable (talking about my feelings, helllooooo) so I can truly be the woman I am destined to be! 

I’m like a salmon; I’ve never gone the route everyone else does. That even holds true in my work today. I’m sassy, rebellious, tenacious, and edgy. I push, and I push, and I push, and I push. I do this intuitively. My intuition has always led me to go the harder route because the lessons I learn along the way make me who I am. And that's worth it’s weight in gold. So my message today, is to really remind myself that IT’S OKAY TO BE WHO I AM! 

I attended an amazing workshop a few years ago, put on by Musea. Some of the most amazing wedding photographers were speaking, and the biggest reason why I went was because John Dolan was going to be there. John's work is magic—and he IS my favorite wedding photographer, hands down. He’s revered by art directors and creatives who value and appreciate great work (high profile celebs, too). And I aspire to be as successful as he. 

Our assignment for the workshop was to select 20 images that represent who you are. (You can see my selection from two years ago above). I was very purposeful and thoughtful with my edit. I wanted to share images that made me excited and inspired, and not "typical wedding photos". Although I went into this project with an advantage (because my BFA is in photography), I still left the review/workshop with some work to do! 

So after two years, I think it's time I redo this assignment. My style is becoming much more clear to me and my goal always is to create a body of work that says "Christina McNeill shot that". If you look closely, you'll see that over two years time, I kept only 8 of my original selections.

 If you’re a photographer and you’re reading this I invite you to do the same!  If you’re interested—let’s do a “portfolio review” if you will. Maybe we can offer each other a different perspective!  Show me your top 20 images! 

p.s. I have never done anything like this before… so these can be private conversations! I’m just really interested in pursuing this fire inside of me and building a community! So join me!