Daily Gratitude Journal

I'm a bit overwhelmed with all the love and support, but boy are you all lighting a fire inside of me! Here I am, screaming for help and I'm just pummeled with the sweetest notes and encouragement.  I'm totally not a pro at "being vulnerable" but I gotta say, it's easier to express my feelings then to keep holding them in! 

So moving onto the next step in my path of "finding out what I want" I'm going to start with practicing my daily gratitude and I invite you to JOIN ME! The goal is to maintain a daily journal for at least 30 days. The idea behind it is to attract positive energy by putting out positive energy (law of attraction).  

Here's a snapshot of what I started a couple of years ago. (I love this journal by the way, but my then puppy Tennessee attacked it.) It's a little embarrassing to share because some of things aren't "deep" — like I'm not sitting here saying I'm grateful for the food I eat, or the air I breathe, maybe I'll be there one day when I can fully "feel" again, but for now, it's starting small. Also, I'm not one to sugar coat sh*t, so I'm not going to screw around with things I think I need to write (e.g. being grateful for someone or something that's not directly impacting me today). My daily list of gratitude will only be what I'm grateful for that day!  (p.s. You don't have to write why you're grateful like I am. Just write whatever makes sense to you)

Will you join me? 

Daily Gratitude: 

  • I'm grateful for my three beautiful great danes, Billie, Tennessee and Ferni.  Their unconditional love saves me every.single.day. 
  • I'm grateful for my husband Rabbit.  He is the most patient man I know (other than my dad and grandpa!) and he puts up with so many of my high/lows.
  • I'm grateful to everyone who has commented and reached out to offer support and compassion. I'm a bit psycho when it comes to having a really good memory (so much that it creeps people out) and I won't forget each and every one of you, especially your kind notes.  So, thank you!  
  • I'm grateful that the diet I'm currently on allows me to drink COFFEE. 
  • I'm grateful, actually, that the diet I'm currently doing isn't as hard as I thought it would be! I Will share more about it later when I have put in more time. I'm only two weeks in and not completely strong yet. Today is my weigh in (wish me luck), but my first week I lost 7.5 lbs, so that's something!
  • I'm grateful for my Aunt Anny. She's reading, listening and supporting me and it's helping me more then show probably knows!
  • I'm grateful for the two 'clients' that I'm talking to this week!  I hope they love me and book me for their wedding, but if not, It's still gonna be okay! I'm just grateful they're considering me for probably the best day of their life!