Books To Read When You're Feeling Lost

I am guilty of buying books, reading a chapter, and then not finishing them. Can you relate with me? Or maybe I'm just an anomaly. No matter what, I need some serious help. I buy these books with the intentions on being inspired and then BAM! life gets in the way, and so does the lure of really good trashy television. Don't get me wrong, I really WANT to read these books, but it's finding the time and "focus" that I struggle with the most. I'm a little embarrassed to reveal this—I have really have a short attention span! (I think this is why I like the work I do because it's always slightly different and challenges me). But the fact that time is scarce and focusing is a struggle, these bad boys just collect dust. 

So in addition to my daily gratitude journal, my next step is to read one of these books, for real! My intuition is pushing me to read "You Are A Badass" first.  So, who wants to join me?  Let's hold each other accountable!  I've never been in a book club, but maybe this is how it gets started? 

So who's in? 

p.s. Have you read any of the books above?!