Affordable DIY Envelope Liners for Wedding Invitations

A lot of you may or may not know. For the past five years, I have been the managing editor of the wedding blog Snippet & Ink! The last few years I’ve headed some amazing projects including art directing advertorial collaborations with big brands (sometimes shooting them!), creating original content (that was picked up by a magazine!) and super fun DIY Projects! Today I'm going to share how to DIY envelope liners for wedding invitations

About DIY's

There's so much work that goes into each and every project. From conception to art direction, shooting then blogging and then featuring on social media outlets, and I realized I never actually shared them on my own site. Until now!  I’m forever grateful for all the amazing wedding friends that helped make some of my crazy ideas come to life! I', excited to share more with you! For now I'll start with my favorite—the DIY Floral Envelope Liners!

The Best Envelope Liners

I really wanted to find an easy way to spruce up wedding invitations! For my own wedding I sourced a custom paper from a local art store. For this project, I needed to find something that was affordable and accessible. Inspired by vintage botanical sketches—I scoured the internet on sites like Graphics Fairy, Vector Stock, Clip Art,  etc looking for the perfect artwork, but came up short until Heather from Adelphi Events found a book on Amazon that had 45 "ready to frame" botanical prints that could be ripped out of the book—brilliant! The book... only $15! So we purchased an envelope liner kit, traced the prints, cut them out, and glued them inside the envelopes! Super proud of this beautiful, and totally affordable DIY project! Side note: I'm pretty sure we helped make this book a "best seller" on Amazon... Just saying! :)